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Our USB hand warmers are infrared heaters and provide "infrared heat" therapy for computer users with hand pain and cold hands. ValueRaysŪ USB infrared heated warm mouse, heated mousepad, heated keyboard pad and Mouse Hand WarmerŪ provide deep penetrating infrared heat for the cold mouse hand and cold keyboard hands. ValueRaysŪ USB Hand Warmers provide a comfortable way to use the computer! Make the computer work for you, not harm you! Reduce stress. Improve circulation.

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Infrared heat body warmers penetrate deep through the skin's layers to the muscle tissue relieving tension and stress; shoulder warmer, chair warmer and warm neck massage. Infrared heat improves blood circulation; helps relieve pain associated with computer-related hand injuries - RSI, CTD, CTS. Plus, when heat is needed for arthritis joint stiffness, infrared heat therapy helps reduce pain associated with arthritis. Poor circulatory conditions like diabetes, Raynaud's and carpal tunnel have cold hand symptoms. USB infrared heat body warmers relieve the cold and help improve circulation to the affected areas. Studies show about 20-30 minutes of infrared heat therapy daily produce positive results. (continue . . . )

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