iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

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44% Off Retail! Carry your iPad2 in style. Protect iPad2 using a professional carry case. Wireless silicone bluetooth keyboard. Case converts to stand. Use with keyboard or use touch screen. The iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case is wireless.

Price: $99.95

Sale Price: $69.95


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"Transform iPad2 from touch screen to keyboard.  Use iPad 2 like a laptop."

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The iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case is ideal for people on the go!  The black leather-like carry case protects the iPad2.  It's designer style is sleek and fashionable.  The iPad2 carry case converts to a stand.  Use your iPad2 like a laptop.  The silicone bluetooth keyboard is easy to keep clean, and its wireless functionality lasts for hours.  Easy to charge using the USB cable included.  If you love the iPad and take it everywhere, you'll certainly want to protect it with a durable carry case.  Plus, using the touch screen can be uncomfortable.  Converting the iPad2 to a laptop style computer is easy using the iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case. 

The iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case is high-quality leather-like construction.  Convert your iPad to a laptop with a handy bluetooth keyboard.  The bluetooth keyboard makes typing much easier and faster.  Many people report the iPad's touch screen to be uncomfortable.  Adding a bluetooth keyboard makes typing easier.  The cost of converting an iPad2 to a laptop format is minimal compared to the cost of buying a laptop.  This is an ideal item for iPad users of all ages.  The protective iPad2 carry case keeps your iPad in top condition.  Plus, the stand makes it functional for desk top use.

The iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case is available in black with black top stitching and has soft suede-like fabric inside to protect the outside surface of the iPad.   The overall measurement of the iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Carry Case is about 10" x 8" x 1" in size.  It's tri-fold design has a clean, sleek, professional style.

  • Black leather-like construction

  • Black top stitch designer style

  • Silicone bluetooth wireless keyboard

  • Suede-like lining

  • Operates iPad function keys

  • Converts to stand

  • Protects iPad

  • Visible camera function

  • Lightweight

  • Charges with USB cable (included)

The silicone bluetooth keyboard has a fast key touch response and almost silent when touched.  The entire leather-like construction is easy to maintain and keep clean.  The keyboard uses bluetooth 2.1 technology to connect the keyboard to your iPad without wires.  This wireless connection eliminates a cable connection to use the keyboard.  Silicone wireless keyboards can be cleaned with a damp cloth.  The silicone protects the keys from spills.  The wireless keyboard works with any bluetooth device.

The bluetooth silicone keyboard allows access to all the iPad's controls.  The leather-like case is a durable, fashionable, protective case for any iPad.  The bluetooth keyboard's rechargeable battery lasts many hours of use.  USB recharge cable included.  To charge the keyboard, plug the USB cable into any computer.  The iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case has a high-end designer style.  It is sleek, compact, lightweight and portable.  The case converts to a stand for ease of use making it ergonomically correct on a desk top.

Addicted to your iPad?  Carry it now in a safe, protective case with a silicone bluetooth keyboard.  Make your iPad more functional and easier to use with the iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case.  

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