USB Computer Light

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The USB Light is used for notebook and desktop computers. The small light generates enough light to comfortably use the computer in a dark room or on an airplane.

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USB Computer Light designed to make your life a little easier when the keyboard is too dark to see the keys.  Just plug the USB mini computer light into a USB port and instantly create enough light to see what you are doing!

"A cost-effective & energy-efficient way to light your keyboard!" 

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The USB Computer Light is a small USB device designed to help you see what you are doing when the room is dark or when you are traveling on an airplane.  When was the last time you could use a small light for your desktop or notebook computer? 

Here's one of those little computer gadgets you don't want to be without.  It's low-cost and the pay-back is high.  Just the kind of gadget we all need.  The USB Computer Light is made of stainless steel flexible wire rope with a 1.5" light on one end and a USB connection on the other.  The overall length of the mini-computer light measures from end-to-end about 15" including the connection and the lamp piece.

The USB Computer Light is flexible.  It can be bent and twisted to form the ideal placement for the mini-spotlight upon the keyboard.  Plus, it's energy-efficient.  The light is generated from the computer's power.  No electrical outlet or plugs to use, just the one USB connection directly into your computer.

The USB Computer Light uses no cords to get tangled on your desktop or notebook work surface.  The mini-light can be conveniently stored in its manufacturer's plastic case or can fit easily inside a brief case or back pack.  And, it's light weight makes it easy to take with you wherever  you may need some extra light to use your computer -- the library, on an airplane, in a dark office,  or at home when a bright light is not available.

An USB mini computer light is a great gift idea for the computer geeks on your list. 

Instructions:  Remove the USB Computer Light from its packaging and save the packaging for storage.  Plug the USB end into an empty USB port on the notebook or desktop computer.  Adjust the lamp's position over the keyboard keys until finding the proper illuminated area.  The twisted wire rope is flexible.  It can bend into just about any shape.  Be gentle!  We recommend the positons shown in the photos.  Your new USB Computer Light will generate a cost-effective and energy-efficient source of light whenever you need it using the computer's power.

No batteries are needed.  No additional software is needed.  The USB Computer Light is plug & play installation.  Plug the USB Light into the computer and instantly have an extra source of light for enhanced visibility. 

Allows the flexibility to work on a computer anywhere, anytime.  The USB Light is fully adjustable and uses an universal low 5V USB connection safe for the computer and people.  The 5V light needs no external power.  It's great for use in bed, in a car, on an airplane, or in a meeting.  Be prepared!  USB Light is the way to see the keys when a light source is needed.

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