ValueRaysŪ USB Warm Slippers

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ValueRaysŪ heated slippers plug into any USB port and within minutes provide low, warm infrared heat to cold feet.

Price: $59.95

Sale Price: $39.99



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ValueRays® USB Warm Slippers are a cost-effective & energy-efficient source of infrared heat & warmth!  Plus, the heated slippers can be worn without using the heat function.  The heated slippers plug into an USB port and within minutes provide a low, warm heat for a cold feet.

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Heated Slippers

ValueRays® Heated Slippers are a solution for cold feet when sitting in front of the computer.  Do your toes get cold?  Are your feet cold?  Do you suffer with painful feet?  Infrared heat applied to your feet may be the solution to foot pain caused by cold feet. 

Just for you!  Heated slippers to keep your feet warm while sitting at the computer.  Do you work in a cold office or work area?  Do your feet get cold?  If so, USB Heated Slippers will help keep your cold feet warm.  The slippers connect to your computer’s USB ports with long cords about 65 inches long. There’s no additional software needed.  The USB heated slippers are plug-and-play. 

There’s a separate control switch located on each cord for each of the heated slippers.  The temperature is warm, not hot.  The ValueRays® Warm Slippers provide a steady flow of infrared heat to the bottom of your cold feet.  So, don’t sit at your desk and suffer with cold feet.  Try the ValueRays® Heated Slippers. 


USB Adapter Charger

This item works with the USB Adapter (sold separately).  When using the USB Adapter, this item does not require the computer's USB port.   Purchase two USB Adapters to use with the heated slippers.

Purchase the USB Adapters here!


Keep your cold feet warm in cozy black furry slip on style booties.  The black shag fur heated slippers are available to fit most feet:  S/M and L/XL.  The S/M heated slipper measure about 4.5” wide inside the slipper and about 10.75” long from the toe to the heel.  The L/XL heated slipper measures about 12” from toe to heel inside the bootie, and the width is about 5”.  The measurements of the heated slipper are taken from inside the shoe from toe-to-heel and side-to-side.  Due to the nature of this personal product, once the item is opened and used, it can’t be returned. 

Please measure the bottom of your foot before selecting a size.  For example:  I wear a USA size 7-7.5 woman’s shoe, and I wear a size S/M in the heated slipper.  It is very roomy with about two inches of extra length left inside the slipper.

We had many customers request foot warmers.  So, we decided to add the USB heated slippers just for you. 


  • Plush fleece
  • Black color
  • Gray non-slip soles
  • Fully padded
  • Fully lined
  • Long cord about 65”
  • Easy disconnect function
  • High/Low On/Off Switch each slipper
  • Carbon fiber heating element
  • Infrared heat
  • 5 volt
  • Hand washable
  • Air dryable
  • Do not get USB cord wet
  • Full shoe style – toe to heel
  • Zip front
  • S/M measure about 10.75” from toe to heel
  • L/XL measure about 12” from toe to heel

Easy to maintain and keep clean.  The ValueRays Heated Slippers can be hand washed and air dried.  Remove the heating element before washing.  Unzip the front of the slipper and remove cord and heating element.  Do not get the USB cord wet.  Wash and dry by hand. Do not use washing machine.  Us e a gentle soap and wash by hand.   Make sure the slippers are completely air dried prior to attaching and plugging them into the USB port.

ValueRays® Warming Slippers are a great gift idea for anyone who uses a computer.  The heated slippers are ideal for college students in a chilly dorm room or office workers in a cold work area.  Plus, the heated slippers can be used with or without heat. 

Infrared heat is deep soothing relief for aching muscles and tired feet.  Infrared heat warms the object and not the air around it.  So, using infrared heat helps relieve poor circulation and cold feet problems.  Infrared heat helps to keep blood circulating.  Try the VaueRays® USB Heated Slippers to solve the cold feet problem.

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