ValueRaysŪ USB Wall Adapter

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Use the ValueRaysŪ USB Wall Adapter instead of the computer for the USB connection.

Price: $19.99

Sale Price: $4.95



ValueRays Replacement Warranty for Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, Warm Mouse Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer!

ValueRays® USB Wall Adapter is used for the ValueRays® products without using the computer USB port. The ValueRays® USB Wall Adaptor is designed to be used with any of the ValueRays® products that do not need to run through the computer.  This product does not work with the Heated Computer Mouse or the Heated Mouse Pad's 4-Port USB Hub. 

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Never worry about having enough USB ports again!  Use the ValueRays® USB Wall Adaptor.  Plug the ValueRays® USB Wall Adapter into any power strip or wall outlet to create an extra USB port for many of your ValueRays® products. 

Not enough USB ports on your computer or laptop?  No problem. 

The ValueRays® USB Wall Adaptor creates the ideal connection to use the the ValueRays® Mouse Hand Warmer, ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad, ValueRays® Shoulder Warmer, ValueRays® Warm Neck Massage, ValueRays® Heated Chair Pad, or the ValueRays® Slippers.

Many of the ValueRays® products do not need to go through the computer to deliver warmth to your desk top environment.  If you work in chilly office space or work area, use the ValueRays® Infrared Heated Computer Gadgets to make your work area cozy and warm.  Use the ValueRays® USB Wall Adaptor for as many ValueRays® products you want to keep yourself cozy and warm in a chilly work environment.

  • 5W USB Cable Power Adapter
  • Black
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Fast, efficient USB connection
  • Fixed prongs (see images)
  • Portable USB power
  • Convenient power source
  • USB travel device
  • Wall or ower strip connection
  • 2.0 USB compliant
  • UL / OEM quality
  • 110-240V 50/60Hz 1.0A Output:5V=1A

Never worry about using your computer's USB ports again.  Use the convenient ValueRays® USB Wall Adaptor.

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