ValueRaysŪ Warm Gloves

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ValueRaysŪ Warm Fingerless Gloves provide a low warm infrared heat to the back of the hand for computer users. The USB Heated Gloves are plug & play, and come in black & gray color. One size fits most.

Price: $39.99

Sale Price: $29.99



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ValueRays® USB Infrared Heated Gloves produce a warm, low, heat for cold hands when using the computer.  It's impossible to wear full fingered gloves while typing.  The fingerless gloves with built-in heaters provide a steady flow of warmth.  Soothe tired, painful cold hands with ValueRays®.  

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Heated Gloves

Do your fingers get cold when typing?  Do you work in an air conditioned office?  Do you suffer from cold hands and hand pain?  If so, you’ll probably enjoy wearing a pair of  ValueRays® Heated Fingerless Gloves.

USB fingerless heated gloves have finally arrived!  If you or someone you know works in a chilly office or work area and suffers with cold hands when typing, the ValueRays® Heated Gloves are an ideal solution for cold hands. 


USB Adapter Charger

This item works with the USB Adapter (sold separately).  When using the USB Adapter, this item does not require the computer's USB port.  Purchase two USB Adapters to use with the heated gloves.

Purchase the USB Adapters here!

Computer users worldwide often suffer with cold hands.  Whether it’s poor circulation, carpal tunnel problems, or tension, infrared heat can help relax muscles and keep hands warm while typing.  It’s impossible to type or use the computer mouse with full fingered gloves. 

ValueRays® offers its shoppers fingerless gloves with built in infrared heaters.  The carbon fiber heating element inside each of the gloves produces infrared heat.  Infrared heat is a healthy heat because infrared heat rays penetrate deep through the skin’s surface and through layers of muscle tissue.  Infrared heat relaxes sore muscles and soothes tired hands.  Plus, infrared heat gets blood circulating to cold fingertips.   

There’s a separate high/low, on/off control switch located on each cord for each heated gloves.  The temperature of the heated gloves is warm, not hot.  The ValueRays® Heated Gloves provide a steady flow of infrared heat to the top of cold hands.  The carbon fiber heating element is sewn inside a soft cotton lining inside the top of the glove.  And, there’s a handy disconnect located on each cord making it easy to get up from the computer wearing the gloves.  The gloves can be used with or without heat.


  • Knit fabrication
  • Black & gray color
  • Fingerless design
  • Full hand flap
  • Long cord about 65”
  • Easy disconnect function
  • High/Low On/Off Switch each slipper
  • Carbon fiber heating element
  • Infrared heat
  • 5 volt
  • Hand washable
  • Air dryable
  • Do not get USB cord wet
  • One size fits most
  • Mitten flap for full hand coverage

When it comes to infrared heat, ValueRays® delivers.  Computer users worldwide enjoy the warmth of valuable infrared heat rays while using the computer.  ValueRays® uses the computer’s USB port to create a warm work environment.   ValueRays® are a cost effective source of infrared heat.

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