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ValueRaysŪ Warm Mouse - Don't be fooled by Copy Cats! Although everyone knows, every cat loves a warm mouse! The ValueRaysŪ Warm Mouse is New & Improved, on/off switch, an improved scroll wheel, and a lower price!

Price: $59.95

Sale Price: $29.95


ValueRays Replacement Warranty for Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, Warm Mouse Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer!

The New & Improved Warm Mouse I.  The Warmest MouseHighest-Quality & Lowest-Price!  Improved functionality! A cost-effective & energy-efficient source of infrared heat & warmth for computer users with a cold mouse hand. The New & Improved,  ValueRays® Heated Computer Mouse, Warm Mouse I helps heal, soothe, relax and relieve chronic cold mouse hand pain!

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Tired of a painful, cold mouse hand and aching fingers?  Does your mouse hand get cold making your fingers numb?  Do you feel the cold hand pain in muscles and joints?  Infrared heated computer mouse may be the solution you've been looking for!   The new & improved ValueRays® Warm Mouse I helps soothe chronic cold mouse hand and heal stressed muscles and joints by using radiant infrared heat rays. 

ValueRays® = Valuable Infrared Radiant Heat Rays!

The ValueRays® Heated Mouse is new & improved!  The warmer mouse has enhanced functionality and warming characteristics.  It's called the Warm Mouse I.  Enjoy deep healing warmth with improved construction, a smooth metallic finish, an easy improved on/off switch, an improved scroll wheel, a longer cord, and when used with other ValueRays® products improved warmth for the mouse hand.  The ValueRays® Warm Mouse is an USB Heated Computer Mouse - Therapeutic Infrared Heat. Available online at select websites. The ValueRays® Warm Mouse is made using a carbon fiber to generate a continuous flow of deep healing infrared heat to the computer user’s mouse hand.

*** For best and lasting results with your ValueRays® Heated Mouse, plug the warming mouse's USB cable into an USB port located on the back of the computer's CPU.  The front USB connections are not as strong or powerful as the back USB ports on older computer models.

The ValueRays® Warm Mouse is an USB heated computer mouse to help solve the cold mouse hand problem.  The ValueRays® Warm Mouse is made using a carbon fiber to generate a continuous flow of deep healing infrared heat to help reduce the onset of computer-related hand injuries like Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  If you or someone you know has cold hands when using the computer, the heated computer mouse will help relieve cold hand pain.   

The deep healing infrared USB heated mouse technology helps soothe aching parts of the mouse hand - joints and muscles -- by delivering infrared heat deep through the skin’s layers into the muscle tissue.  Hand therapists report an increase in computer-related hand injuries, and these conditions are not going to fade or go away anytime soon.  Taking a proactive approach and creating a healthy computer work area is important.

The infrared heated mouse helps relieve chronic cold hand pain, stress and tension brought on by conditions like arthritis, Raynaud’s, fibromyalgia, diabetes, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Buerger’s disease, poor circulation and many more conditions affecting blood circulation to the extremities.

Looking for a gift idea?  If you or someone you know has cold hands when using the computer, a ValueRays® Warm Mouse is a perfect gift idea. 

ValueRays® Warm Mouse Features:

  • Carbon fibre heating element
  • Warms the hand with a comfortable 99-104 degrees Farhenheit temperature
  • Uses a low voltage (5V) and is safe for people and the computer
  • Improved On/Off Switch conveniently located on the USB cord
  • Cord about 55-56" long
  • Turn Heated Warm Mouse off when not in use
  • Improved 800 DPI scrolling Heated Warm Mouse
  • Optical Heated Warm Mouse I
  • Requires no drivers or software
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Product name Warm Mouse I
  • Patent No. ZL200620058174.4
  • ROHS & CE Certified

Instructions:  Plug the long USB connected warm mouse cord into a free USB port.  Turn the heated mouse "ON" by pressing the control switch located on the cord.  The warming mouse will begin to generate heat within a few minutes.  Turn the heated mouse "OFF" by pressing the control switch when you are finished using the warm mouse.   Do not leave the warm mouse turned-on when not in use.  Like any other computer gadget, this is not a toy and should not be used by unsupervised children.  
To see more hand warmers for sale, please visit the Products Section. Ergonomic computer accessories sold as sets are discounted compared to purchasing items separately. ValueRays® warm ergonomic computer accessories provide infrared heat therapy using infrared heaters in the comfort of your home or office.

If you have hand pain symptoms, severly cold computer hands and numb cold fingers, please consult a doctor to discuss cold hand causes for a proper hand pain diagnosis.  Do not rely solely on Internet research to define the causes of cold hands and hand pain. For more information about cold hands risk factors, causes of cold hands, and USB hand warmers for sale, please visit the individual items’ pages and visit the Learning Center Library.

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