ValueRaysŪ Warm Neck Massage

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Multi-Function USB Neck Pad provides infrared heat, soft vibrating massage and a cool pack option for neck support and relief. The Warm Neck Massage pad is made of soft, washable velour fabric.

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Sale Price: $27.95


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ValueRays® USB Warm Neck Massage is a cost-effective & energy-efficient source of infrared heat & warmth!  Plus, the neck warmer can be used to provide comfort and support without using the heat function.  The heated neck pad plugs into an USB port and within minutes provides a low, warm heat and soothing massage for a sore painful neck.  Plus, it's multi-functional.  Continue reading below....

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The ValueRays® Warm Neck Massage is a comfortable supportive pad designed specifically for neck.  The neck pad has heat and a soft vibrating massager.  Plug the ValueRays® Warm Neck Massage into an USB port and within minutes deep penetrating infrared heat warms the back of the neck.  The neck pad gets warm, not hot.  It is safe for people and computers.  Switch the neck pad to vibrate and along with the warmth you get a soothing, relaxing, soft vibrating massage. 

If you want a cool pack for the neck, there's also an attachment included to create a cold pack.  See detailed instructions below.

The ValueRays® Warm Neck Massage is constructed of soft, washable velour fabric.  It measures about 22" long and 4" tall.  The neck pad is adjustable and fits necks ranging in size from 14" to 20." 

The neck pad has a zipper on side to house the carbon fiber heating element and the vibrator.  To clean the neck pad, remove all contents inside the pad prior to hand washing.  Make sure the velour cover is completely dry prior to using it again. 

User Guide: 
For neck fatigue or soreness help soothe discomfort associated with many neck ailments.
1.  USB massage mode delivers a soft vibrating massage to back of the neck.
2.  USB warm infrared heat provides deep penetrating relief.
3.  Cool pack helps reduce inflamed areas and provides refreshing relief.
4.  Heat pack provides additional warmth to back of the neck area.

Four Functions:  The multi-function neck pad provides support to promote a healthy lifestyle.
1. Cold Compress:  Place the liquid pack in ice water or inside the refrigerator to produce a cold pack for the back of the neck.
2.  Infrared Heater:  The USB infrared heater is controlled by the on/off switch located on the USB cord producing warmth to the back of the neck area.
3.  Heat Compress:  Place the liquid pack in warm water to produce a heat pack for the back of the neck.
4.  Vibrating Massager:  The USB soft vibrating massager is located inside the pad and positioned in the back.  The on/off switch is located on the USB cord.

Instructions:  Read Before Use.
• Washing instructions for cleaning neck pad case. Open zipper and remove contents prior to hand washing.  Air dry completely prior to use. 
• Store this product in a clean, dry place away from children.
• This is not a toy and should not be used by children.
• Do not puncture liquid pack or use the pack if it is leaking. 
• This product is for external use only.
• If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, consult your doctor prior to use.
• USB 4V-6V voltage is safe for people and computer.  Use as intended only.

Product Features:

1.  Washable Design:  See instructions.
2.  Liquid Pack:  The hot/cold pack snaps in place.
3.  Control Switch:  Multi-function USB on/off control.
4.  Vibrating Massager: For back of neck area.
5.  Infrared Heater:  Carbon fiber heating element.
6.  Plug & Play:  No additional software needed.
7.  CE & ROHS Certified

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