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ValueRays® USB Infrared Heat Ergonomic Computer Accessories


ValueRays USB Infrared Heaters!  Ergonomic Computer Workstation: Heated Computer Mouse, Warm Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad, Warm Mouse Pad, Heated Keyboard Pad, Warm Computer Keyboard Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer mouse pad, Hand Warmer Pouch!

USB Infrared HEATERS! A solution to a chilly office any time of the year. The perfect gift idea communicating a proactive, positive Company message to your employees & clients:  Be Energy-Efficient & Conserve Energy, Help Prevent Computer-Related Hand Injuries,  We Care, Work Healthy, and Thank You! 


Promotional Items
Warm ergonomic computer accessories are perfect items for company promotions and giveaways, and they send a positive message to your clients and employees. USB heaters and ergonomic computer accessories are ideal for business meetings, training sessions, tradeshows, employee appreciation programs, and many more company events.

Special Orders
If you are interested in placing a Special Order using your Company’s logo on any of our products, please Contact Us. We offer an excellent discount for Special Orders.  We are the manufacturer, and we handle all the details for you.  Deep discount prices available and minimum quantities are required for special orders:

Warm Mouse = 500 pieces minimum purchase
Warm Mouse Pad = 500 pieces minimum purchase
Warm Keyboard Pad = 500 pieces minimum purchase
Mouse Hand Warmer blanket = 1000 pieces minimum purchase
The ValueRays® hand warmers for sale can be used as gift ideas and company giveaways in your company’s training programs, sales seminars and professional meetings. They are excelent to use within your business, and they send a strong message to employees. As an employer, the use of infrared heated ergonomic computer accessories can help prevent the onset of computer-related hand injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury.
To discuss your special order, please Contact Us.


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