Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association UK - Chief Executive

Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, ValueRays USB Hand Warmer, Infrared Heat, Testimonial from Raynaud's Scleroderma Association UK, Anne Mawdsley

Anne Mawdsley is the Founder & Chief Executive of the Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association in the UK.  Anne was diagnosed with Raynaud's in 1975 and Scleroderma in 1984.  We are honored to share her ValueRays® testimonial.


I have recently been introduced to some excellent products which I feel could be of great interest to people who like myself, have Raynaud’s and regularly use a computer.

Can you believe that there is a heated mouse,  a heated blanket to cover the mouse and a warm keyboard pad? These items can be used together or separately and are really effective. Anyone who has Raynaud’s will know the problem particularly on a cold morning, trying to use your computer when the fingers are numb. With these items this problem can be overcome and you can work with warm hands. I am not sure which is my favourite - putting my hand into the fleecy blanket while operating the mouse or using the heated wrist pad which sits in front of the keyboard. You can rest your wrists on it while warming up your hands and it is really toasty.

I can honestly say that these products are worth a try if you suffer from cold hands. They are compatible with both PCs and Macs and are available from ValueRays® at IGMproducst.com & Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com.

Anne H Mawdsley MBE
Chief Executive
Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association UK

 Alaskan Apple Users Group (AAUG)

Warm Mouse, Heated Keybaord, ValueRays® Warm Mouse I, Warm Keyboard Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer, Warm Mouse Pad, Alaska Apple Users Group

The AAUG is an organization of people who enjoy using Apple Macintosh computers. Members come from all walks of life: professional computer consultants, educators, business people, artists and students of all ages. No special skill or computer expertise is necessary to become a member.  Join here.


ValueRays® Warm Mouse I, Warm Keyboard Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer & Warm Mouse Pad
by Carlene Brown, AAUG Member

Warm Mouse $29.95, Sale Price $24.95
Warm Keyboard Pad $24.95, Sale Price $19.95
Mouse Hand Warmer $24.95, Sale Price $19.95
Warm Mouse Pad $34.95, Sale Price $29.95

When I first saw the ValueRays® heated accessories I immediately wanted to try them. I have arthritis in my wrists and hands extending to the tips of my fingers.,. My hands are often swollen, stiff and painful and at other times ice cold. These conditions can make working on the computer a torturous ordeal. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of these products and really wasn’t expecting much. I am happy to report my skepticism was totally misplaced.

These USB hand warmers are infrared heated and provide ‘infrared heat” therapy for computer users with hand pain and cold hands. I did a little research and discovered that there is ongoing medical research that support the healing & therapeutic benefits of infrared heat therapy. Benefits include increased circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues, decreased joint stiffness, increased blood flow, help to relieve pain and aid healing. Infrared heat has been proven to be beneficial to people who suffer with wrist and hand injuries and problems such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and Raynaud’s Syndrome.

ValueRays® Warm Mouse, Warm Keyboard Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer and Warm Mouse Padare all infrared heated. The low 5v heating element is safe for people and computers. The USB 5v infrared heating element produces temperatures ranging from 99 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, comfortably warm but not hot enough to burn.

All of the products are plug and play and require no drivers or software installation.


The ValueRays® Warm Mouse I is a two button mouse with a scroll wheel. It has a smooth metallic finish and an on/of button to shut off the heat supply when it is not needed.

To get started you simply plug the USB cord into a USB port, I was not able to use the USB ports on my Apple keyboard because the Warm Mouse uses too much power for that hub, Turn the heated mouse “on” by pressing the control switch located on the USB cord. Quickly the mouse warms and begins to generate heat. It is recommended that you turn the mouse “off” when not in use. Turning the switch “off” only shuts off the heat supply, you are still able to use the mouse which makes it very convenient at the times when you don’t need the heat.

I have used a one button Apple mouse since the beginning of time and thought I would have trouble adapting to this two button scroll mouse. Not true, it is so very comfortable and easy to use that I was off and surfing immediately. The warmth is very soothing to the hand, I didn’t want to remove my hand from the warm mouse, and the shape fits my hand comfortably. The ergonomic shape also makes the scroll wheel easy to use.


The ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad connects to your computer using a USB port. The wrist pad is made of a soft foam sponge and covered with a hand-washable black nylon sport fabric that has a zipper on one side to make it easy to remove for washing. The infrared heating element is inside and sits on top of the foam pad. It is enclosed in fabric and attached to the USB cord. The heating element can be placed in the center or moved to either end of the keyboard pad depending on where it is most helpful or convenient for the user. The keyboard pad has a connector plug allowing it to be disconnected from the USB cord and used without the heat. The bottom has a non-slip surface.

I love this Warm Keyboard Pad. I broke my wrist several years ago and, also, have extensive arthritis at the base of both thumbs. My wrists are quite painful especially in damp or cold weather. I have probably tried every type of wrist aid that is made to relieve the pain when using the computer keyboard…most didn’t help at all. When I set up the ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad i was so surprised. It warmed up quickly and immediately felt good on my wrists. The more I used it the better my wrists and even my hands felt. The heat penetrates through to the painful areas and warms and soothes them.

The nylon sport fabric cover is not smooth material and it took a little while to get used to the feel of the material on my wrists. Mainly it was irritating to me when using the keyboard pad with the heat turned off.

With the ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad connected and turned on I now look forward to typing on the keyboard, even first thing in the morning.


Upon opening the ValueRays® USB Mouse Hand Warmer I laughed. I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I had never seen a blanket for your hand. But, that is exactly what it is. Think of those cold winter mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed, and so you snuggle down to keep warm under the soft covers. The USB Mouse Hand Warmer is just that. A cozy, heated, mini-blanket to warm your cold mouse hand.

The USB Mouse Hand Warmer is a pouch made of a double layer of soft fleece and has a non-slip surface on the bottom. It contains an infrared heating element and has a USB plug. It measures 12″ X 12′

The USB Mouse Hand Warmer can be used with a USB connected mouse or a wireless mouse. Simply slip a mouse pad and your mouse into the Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket and plug it into a USB port. In a few minutes it will be toasty warm. The infrared heating element is positioned in the center of the fleece blanket positioned over the top of your hand, warming the entire area of the pouch with a warm steady heat.

This is really a creative idea and it works wonderfully. Keeps your mouse and your mouse hand comfortably warm. Your mouse moves freely and it’s easy to slip your hand in and out of the pouch, you don’t even have to look. The only problem I see is when you have to take your hand out of the warm pouch and leave it out in the cold.


The ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad is a USB heated computer mouse pad delivering infrared heat to the mouse pad’s surface. As with all the other ValueRays® Warm accessories, the surface of the heated mouse pad is warm not hot, heated 99 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pad has a black compact pad panel and smooth movement suitable for all types of mechanical mouse and optical mouse usage. The pad measures about 10″ X 10″ and is surrounded in plastic trim illuminated by a blue light. The mouse pad has a raised cuff where you can comfortably rest your wrist..

The USB Warm Mouse Pad has two USB cords to connect to your computer. One is specifically
for the infrared heating element. You just unplug this cable if you don’t want to use the warmer function.

Also, the Warm Mouse Pad is a USB hub, featuring 4 USB 2 ports to use with a variety of USB devices. What more could you ask for in a mouse pad? Comforting warmth and additional USB ports for your computer.


All of these ValueRays® products are unique and create a warm, soothing computer environment for those of us who have hand medical problems or injuries. If you have cold or painful hands for any reason and find working on the computer unpleasant I would recommend you try at least one of these products. I think you will find, as I have, the ergonomic design and soothing infrared heat they generate will improve your computer experience and make it enjoyable to work with your mouse and keyboard again.

You can purchase the ValyeRays® Warm Mouse Heated Keyboard products singly, or in sets of a combination of two, three of four products. For combinations and pricing visit the http://www.warm-mouse-heated-keyboard.com/ website. Also, check out the Coupon Page for available discounts.

In addition to the discounts they are offering free shipping. That’s right, FREE SHIPPING including Alaska.

I also want to mention a new ValueRays® product that will be available in October. The ValueRays® Pink Warm Mouse III. A portion of each purchase of the Pink ValueRays® Warm Mouse III will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer.

Rehab Department - Occupational Therapy 

Warm Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket Pouch Testimonial by Nicole Scheiman, OTR/L, CLT, CKTP, CEES

Nicole Scheiman is an ergonomic evaluation specialist and makes recommendations for the Rehab & Occupational Therapy Lab.  She is an Occupational Therapist, Registered, Licensed, Ceritified Kinesio Taping Practioner.


Dear ValueRays:

I received the ValueRays Warm Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad and Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket pouch, and immediately set the items up for active use!

As an occupational therapist and certified ergonomic evaluation specialist, I can see many benefits of the ValueRays’ items.  First, the heat is provided in anatomically correct places for increased blood flow to areas that are prone to repetitive use injuries.  For someone with arthritis, the heat would provide great comfort to the joints and therefore also increase worker productivity.  With the increased professional and personal use of computers we are seeing more and more patients with these types of injuries. 

As a therapist I am always looking for ways to keep workers on the job and pain free, your items will definitely assist with these goals.  In addition, I like that the items are easy to setup and can be washed.  I appreciate your innovation! 

Nicole Scheiman, OTR/L, CLT, CKTP, CEES
Rehab Department-Occupational Therapy
Hospital DeLand

 Registered Pharmacist & Living in Alaska with Raynaud's Disease

ValueRays Warm Mouse, Testimonial by Diane Peterson, Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, Warm Computer Mouse, Heated Computer Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad, Heated Mouse Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer

Diane Peterson is a Registered Pharmacist living with Raynaud's Disease and resides in Homer, Alaska.  Here's how ValueRays® USB Hand Warmers work for a chilled Alaskan sitting at the computer throughout the year .


I spend a whole lot of time sitting at the computer.  I also spend a lot of time sitting on my hands.  I used to do both at the same time, but things have changed.

Living with Raynaud's Disease has trained me to always be looking for a way to keep my hands and feet warm, no matter what I'm doing.  Sitting on my hands works great, but doing it in front of the computer is a little counterproductive.  When I found out about the ValueRays® Warm Mouse, it seemed like the perfect solution!  The mouse just plugs into a USB port (no batteries needed) and provides a low intensity warmth.  It's the ultimate in multitasking, as I can sit at the computer and actually use it instead of waiting for my hands to warm up.  The mouse never gets too hot for safety, topping out at 104 degrees, but if it feels too hot there is a button on the cord that switches the heat off.  The design of the button itself is sympathetic to people who have dexterity issues from many of the ailments the Warm Mouse strives to soothe.

The Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket is designed to complement the Warm Mouse.  The non slip bottom layer is to be placed on the desk while a mouse pad and the Warm Mouse (or any mouse) is to be slipped inside.  The blanket then warms the top of the hand.  Nice concept that works great, but I find my cold and lonely other hand screaming for attention.  I find the blanket works best as a mitten for my other hand while I'm not actively typing.  I go through a lot fewer of the disposable hand warmer packs since I've used the blanket in this way, and the USB powered heat is a lot cheaper than buying the chemical hand packs.

The ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad is a nice poofy wrist pad that is actually long enough to span the WHOLE width of a standard keyboard, not like those cheap gel ones.  The backer on this pad is just a bit slick for an average desk, but it's nothing a bit of Velcro or some of that non-slip rubber stuff wouldn't fix.  The office ergonomics cops would be appalled to find out that I'm not much of a wrist pad person, actually.  I occasionally find myself putting the pad on the floor below my desk and warming up my poor blue piggies on it.  I really don't have to worry too much about that unorthodox use, as these products are all washable once unplugged from the computer.

These innovations truly make my digital life more comfortable and efficient.  I recommend these items to anyone with Raynaud's or any other disorder where heat therapy is beneficial.  And definitely don't be afraid to experiment with different applications of them.  They all do work together wonderfully, no matter how they are used to deliver their warmth!

Diane Petersen, RPh
Registered Pharmacist
Homer, AK

Writer, Editor & Computer Dependant

Warm Mouse, Heated Computer Mouse, Heated Keyboard, Warm Mouse Pad, Heated Mouse Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer, Testimonia by Lynne Chapman of BellaOnline

Lynne Chapman has depended upon the use of her hands her entire career.  As a professional hair stylist and writer, Lynne spends her days using her hands to do what she loves.  As a writer and editor using the computer is key to her success.  Lynne shares her thoughts about the value of infrared heat and the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket.


The ValueRays USB Mouse Hand Warmer:    As a hairdresser for over 40 years, my hands have taken a beating -- arthritis and stiff joints. Now as a writer, and editor of the Hair and Christian Living sites of BellaOnline.com, I'm on the computer for hours at a time. Cold drafty rooms in the winter and air conditioning in the summer cause stiffness and aching in my mouse hand.  As soon as I slid my hand into the USB Mouse Hand Warmer, I knew I loved it. It was very cozy and soothing - like a little electric blanket for my hand.

The heating element is in just the right spot. It centers the heat over the top of my hand so that it warms the knuckles and fingers but doesn't get so hot as to be uncomfortable. The mouse hand warmer is easy to use. It is easy to plug in to the USB port, and is large enough to accommodate the mouse pad and to allow freedom of movement for the mouse.

I have found one problem  with the USB Mouse Hand Warmer. It is that I hate to take my hand out of it when I need to type. I wish I had thought of this little invention!

Lynne Chapman

Editor of Hair@BellaOnline

Editor of ChristianLiving@BellaOnline

Repetitive Motion Syndrome & MS - Ecommerce Entrepreneur 

 Connie Ott is an Ecommerce Entrepreneur & Internet Pioneer.  She has been using the computer since 1979 and suffers from Repetitive Motion Syndrome.  Connie reviewed the ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad.  Here's what she has to say about discovering infrared heat for her computer-related RMS injury.

Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, IGMproducts.com, ValueRays Warm Keyboard Pad Testimonial by Miscellaneous Finds 4 U

I’ve been typing on computer keyboards, full-time, since 1979. Yes, that’s a lot of years!  In all that time I’ve been fortunate not to have contracted Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, but what I do have is Repetitive Motion Syndrome.  Especially in my right hand.  I also broke my little finger on my right hand in three places about 10 years ago and like many broken bones, it hurts when the room is cold and gets stiff as well.

For years I’ve tried to figure out ways to alleviate some of the pain brought on by the RMS and the bone problem. Cold is the thing that brings on pain the most so I’ve tried fingerless gloves (looked stupid and didn’t warm me in any way), sitting one my hands (yes, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds, especially in an office environment), running to the ladies room to warm my hands up under hot water (so temporary it barely lasted until I was back at my seat), microwavable pads (super hot at first, cooled quickly, and required a run back to the microwave to rewarm 5 or more times in an 8 hr shift), and finally I purchased a 4″x4″ electric heater that I kept on my desk which blasted warm air across my keyboard.

The heater took care of some problems but created others.  I had to be extremely careful about turning it on and off whenever I left my desk for fear of overheating.  Secondly, I had to take care in not letting anything flammable get near it – hard to do when you have a desk full of paper.   And worst, the noise it created annoyed others and made using the phone difficult.

I now work from home so I have more control over the ambient room temperature, but I still suffer from pain, even when the room is 69 degrees. Higher than that and I’m uncomfortable, but my hands are still cold. In addition, I work almost solely on a notebook computer now and that has caused some additional pain issues that I’ve been trying to correct.  The design of notebook computers are fine for light use, but using one every day, eight or more hours a day, brings out their flaws.  Specifically, the hard edge of the computer which digs into my arm, about 4″ above my wrists – so much so that I’ve worn away the top coating of my computer in the two areas my arms rest. That area is now super-sensitive and feels bruised at all times.

I’ve tried many different types of wrist rests to solve the problem. Stand-alone ones as well as one built-into laptop desks.  None have worked well, couldn’t be placed in the proper location, or wouldn’t stay put once there.

I’d about given up and resolved that I’d be continuing the massive amounts of Ibuprofen I’ve been taking for the pain and continuing to use rolled towels as a pseudo wrist rest until I found the Valuerays Warm Keyboard Pad! It takes care of about 80% of my issues – if I used a traditional desktop computer it’s be 100% relief!

The ValueRays Warm Keyboard Pad is an inexpensive fix for only $19.95. Even without the heat it’s a comfortable wrist rest and I’ve paid the same price for a gel rest that didn’t work as well.  This one is fabric covered with a slight texture to it.  The texture irritated my wrists a bit at first, but again, they’re hyper-sensitive right now. I’m hoping that the texture becomes less noticeable in time.  Additionally, the zipper, which allows you to remove the cover for cleaning and access to the warming pad so you can position it perfectly for you, was irritating as well.  I simply flipped the pad vertically so the zipper was towards my body – only the logo is upside down now to let you know it’s not being used “correctly”.  The zipper is only a problem because I’m using it with a notebook and have it covering the edge of the notebook. Using it as it’s pictured, it’d be flush to the computer and you’d never feel it.  If I worked at a desk it wouldn’t be an issue, but I work on the couch.

It’s summer and I have the pad plugged in and the heat on. I’ve pulled the heating pad all the way to the right because for me it’s the side with issues.  If both hands need equal warming you can place it in the middle.  It offers some radiant heat, but it’s mostly directional.  When my fingers need a warm up, I curl them into my palm and place them on the pad….mmmmmmmmmmm…..now if they’d only make a warming blanket that covered my fingers while I typed…that would be perfect!

The company claims that the heat helps increase circulation and relieves tension; helps relieve pain from arthritis; and relieves cold from poor circulation. Did it work for me?  Yes!  The pad took away the hard edge of the computer .  Double the height would be perfect for my computer as I have a notebook cooler underneath so I’m thinking of putting a cheap foam pad beneath the pad to raise it up.  The heat is pleasing, not too hot, and it warms up quickly.  It plugs into my USB port so there are no batteries to replace and no running back and forth to the microwave to warm it up.

Connie Ott, Miscellaneous Finds 4U
My Jewel Boutique & Princess Time Toys
Avon Representative, Renton, Washington



Freelance Editor & Writer - Computer Dependent

ValueRays Warm Mouse Testimonial by a Writer & Editor from North East USA!  Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard Feedback

This testimonial was received from a professional Freelance Writer & Editor from Northeast USA who requested her name be left anonymous.


Thank you so much for the ValueRays® Warm Mouse. It is a wonder! 

As a freelance editor/writer, I spend hours on the computer every day, and have been doing so for many years. In addition to writing on the computer, I routinely visit many corporate and PR websites, regularly challenging my right hand. With the passing of time, I began to suffer from stiffening joints, particularly between my right thumb and forefinger. 

After just brief use of the marvelous ValueRays® Warm Mouse, all hand stiffness and associated pain have completely disappeared. Furthermore, my hands move across the keyboard effortlessly and faster than they did before. 

I’m recommending ValueRays® Warm Mouse to everyone I know who relies on the computer and Internet.

Again, thanks so much for the marvelous ValueRays® Warm Mouse.


Freelance Editor/Writer
Based in the Northeast USA

Cheboygan Memorial Hospital - Physical Rehabilitation Center

Warm Mouse Review & Testimonial - Warm Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad  by ValueRays - Cheboygan Memorial Hospital - Physical Rehabilitation Center

Robyn Campeau, Cheboygan Memorial Hospital Physical Rehabilitation Center is seated in the bottom row second from the left behind the green ball.  Robyn uses the computer all day assisting staff and clients.  She suffers with Fibromyalgia and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Dear ValueRays:

We received the ValueRays Warm Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad and Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket pouch, and we are using them everyday.  Several professionals in our area have tried and tested the ValueRays infrared heated products, and we love them!

I suffer with fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome.  I can't tell you enough how much the deep penetrating heat has helped me.  First, it relaxes my hand, the joints and relieves stress.  Actually, I don't feel stressed during the day anymore because these products actually make me feel more relaxed.  I use my hands on the computer all day, and the warm mouse and warm mouse pad are a huge benefit to my daily routine.

Our Occupational Therapist, Aimee Jazdzyk, also tried using the ValueRays infrared heated products and she plans to use them with her patients. Aimee has had an increase in referrals for patients with work-related hand injuries (carpal tunnel, arthritis, etc.), and the ValueRays infrared heated products will help them.

Cheboygan has a high unemployment rate, and with the economy not doing well, a lot of jobs are being lost. These products are helpful for our clients, and with the economics of the area being so poor right now, if these products assist our patients to maintain their current job positions, that would be great!

The mouse hand warmer mouse pad is a great idea, and I can see how it will help many people.  We'll keep in touch. 

Robyn Campeau, Physical Rehabilitation Therapy Department
Cheboygan Memorial Hospital
Cheboygan, Michigan

Publicist & Avid Computer User

Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, Mouse Hand Warmer Set - Testimonial, Warm Mouse Review by Kim Lybrand, Publicist

Owner, Kim Lybrand Marketing & PR. A brand, an evolution and an oppotunity! An avid computer user spends several hours daily using the computer.




My name is Kim Lybrand. I am a Publicist so I am on my phone and computer all day…..


I had noticed that various times throughout the day my hand that was using the mouse would get cold…..I tried to turn the AC up thinking that was the problem but then the rest of me was getting hot so I knew it had to be something else.


I was reading about the mouse hand warmer and decided to give it a try…….Wow what a difference that made…At first I thought how could this work and will my hand get hot since I live in south Florida and temps are always warm…..but that is not the case it works like a charm and I feel that everyone should have this product esp if you are using the computer a lot.


Kim Lybrand, Publicist

South Florida, USA



Occupational Therapist & Certified Hand Therapist

Marji Hajic, BellaOnline's Ergonomics Editor.  Marji Hajic, is an Occupational Therapist and a Certified Hand Therapist with over 16 years experience treating hand and upper extremity injuries. She is the owner of the Hand Therapy & Occupational Fitness Center in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to her clinical work treating established injuries, she provides her clients with the information and tools necessary to help prevent injuries.

Marji Hajic, BellaOnline's Ergonomics Editor.  Marji Hajic, is an Occupational Therapist and a Certified Hand Therapist with over 16 years experience treating hand and upper extremity injuries. She is the owner of the Hand Therapy & Occupational Fitness Center in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to her clinical work treating established injuries, she provides her clients with the information and tools necessary to help prevent injuries.


Cold, Achy Fingers? Use a Warm Mouse

For those who experience cold hands while mousing or typing, or for those who use a computer in an air-conditioned work environment, IGMproducts.com has a line of computer devices that deserve a closer look. The Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket Pouch, the Warm Mouse, and the Warm Mouse Pad are designed to relieve the aching caused by cold fingers and poor circulation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s symptoms, and even repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.

Designed by Anna Miller, an internet pioneer and fashion ecommerce entrepreneur who suffered from cold and numb hands, the products are receiving good reviews within the technology industry. The Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket is a warm, fleece-lined pouch with a non-slip surface into which you can place a traditional mousing pad. Heat is maintained inside the pouch creating a warm mousing environment. The result is similar to a warm blanket covering your mousing hand. The pouch measures approximately 12 x 12 inches. The gray fleece with black and white trim is designed to give the pouch a modern, professional appearance. A net fronting allows for clear optical connection when using a wireless mouse. A small slit in the pouch front allows for easy connection when using a USB connected mouse. In addition, the pouch can be hand-washed and air-dried, is earth-friendly, made in the USA, uses no electricity, and has no cords attached.

Since the introduction of the Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket Pouch onto the market in 2008, and in response to its positive reception, several additional products have since been designed. The new ValueRays (Valueable Radiant Infrared Heat Rays) line offers a mouse and a mouse pad that provide infrared heat.

The Warm Mouse and Warm Mouse Pad are a USB infrared heated mouse and mouse pad made of a carbon fiber heating element. The mouse plugs quickly into a free USB port and is ready to use – it does not require any additional driver or software. An easy on/off switch on the USB cord allows you to turn the heat on or off as needed. The temperature is regulated between 99 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit keeping the hand comfortably warm. The majority of the heat is located in the palm of the hand. The mouse is light-weight and has a rapid cursor movement (800 DPI). The mouse is low voltage (5V) ensuring safety for both the user and the computer.

The Warm Mouse Pad also provides a radiant heat regulated between 99 and 104 degrees Farenheit. It requires two USB ports – one for a blue lighting function surrounding the pad and the other for the heating function. Either or both can be used depending upon your needs. The mouse pad also has a 4-port built-in USB Hub. The pad is a 10 x 10 inch black, compact panel suitable for all types of mouse usage.

A word of caution: The Warm Mouse may not be suitable for those with acute inflammation in the hand, those with loss of sensation, or young children. Although the temperature of the mouse does not become extremely hot, those with any condition causing sensory or circulatory deficits that may alter the way in which heat is dispersed by the tissues should be careful around any heated object.

Visit IGMproducts.com for additional information including product information and a learning center that discusses the health benefits of infrared heating.

Marji Hajic is an occupational therapist and a certified hand therapist practicing in Santa Barbara, California. For more information on hand and upper extremity injuries, prevention and recovery, please visit Hand Health Resources.

Marji Hajic, Occupational Therapist & Certified Hand Therapist
BellaOnline Ergonomics Editor
Hand Therapy & Occupational Fitness Center 
Santa Barbara, California

 Poor Circulation & Arthritis of the Hands

Joseph Drader is an Author, Writer, Real Estate Agent, and he is an avid computer user with poor circulation of the hands and arthritis.

Joseph Drader is an Author, Writer, Real Estate Agent, and he is an avid computer user with poor circulation of the hands and arthritis.


Dear ValueRays:

I received the ValueRays® Warm Mouse today, and like it says on the mouse itself "ValueRays" it is a "valuable" item.  One thing I never liked about being away from home were the cold surface temperatures for my hands.  So, it was school desktops and computer mouses giving me habitual cold hand cramps.  As a result, and as a student having to take written exams, I got accustomed to not writing at all!

I really like the On/Off switch on the heated computer mouse making it convenient to turn on when heat is needed and off when heat is not wanted.   This is important for the power supply. 

The ValueRays® Warm Mouse is definitely a comfort and a healthy, professional item to use.

Joseph Drader, Author
Clinton, Massachusetts 

 Occupational Therapy &  Massage Therapy 

Adam Parson is a Massage Therapist, a Second-Year Occupational Therapy Graduate Student at the Virginia Commonwealth University and a part-time Occupational Therapy Technician.  Adam uses assistive technology in various conditions including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Plus, many of Adam's massage therapy clients suffer with wrist strains.

Adam Parsons is a Massage Therapist, a Second-Year Occupational Therapy Graduate Student at the Virginia Commonwealth University and a part-time Occupational Therapy Technician.  Adam uses assistive technology in various conditions including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Plus, many of Adam's massage therapy clients suffer with wrist strains. 


Dear ValueRays:

I received the Mouse Hand Warmer® blanket, The ValueRays® Warm Mouse and the ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad. The three items used together make the perfect combination for heat applications during computer activities.  The USB hand warmer devices generate plenty of warm infrared heat and are easy to use and set up.  The infrared heat can easily be turned on and off when needed.

When a medical condition is determined, or in the case of certain injuries, I advise people to consult with a health professional before using heat or cold therapy.  It's important to determine the best time to use heat and when to use ice.  To determine whether heat is appropriate or if ice is needed, consult with a health professional for specific situations because in the case of some injuries, ice would be indicated until healing has occured.

It is also important for a computer workstation to be setup with adequate wrist support and computer desk ergonomics. Along with proper setup and use, the ValueRays® USB Infrared Heaters will keep your hands warm, loose and improve circulation.

Imagine warm, pain-free hands during those cold mornings at the computer!

Adam Parsons, OT/S
Virginia Commonwealth University

Fibromyalgia & Arthritis Thumb Joint Surgery

  Judy Quinn, Fibromyalgia Patient & Arthritis Thumb Surgery - ValueRays Testimonial - Heated Computer Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad & Mouse Hand Warmer pouch!
Judy Quinn, Racine Wisconsin, has suffered from fibromyalgia for many years, she also suffers from arthritis of the thumb joint. Recently Judy had surgery on her right hand….the hand that she uses the mouse with. Judy is a library cataloger and works on the computer all day. She uses ValueRays® infrared heated warm mouse and the warm mouse pad inside the Mouse Hand Warmer®.


Dear ValueRays:

I received the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch, the ValueRays USB Warm Mouse and ValueRays USB Warm Mouse Pad.  I’m using them now.  All I can say is, “Oh my! I love them.  They feel so good on my hand!” 

I don't want to take my hand out of the blanket!  My mouse hand is still healing from thumb joint surgery, and my hand still has much pain from the surgery.  The infrared heat inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket feels like a heating pad on my hand. 

I have been suffering with severe fibromyalgia for many, many years.  I think anyone with fibromyalgia or arthritis would love these products.  Using the heated products inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket creates a very warm place for my sore, cold mouse hand.  I just love it! 

The products will be great at work in the summer when they turn the air conditioner on, too. I'm sitting here at my computer writing this email to you, and I don't want to take my hand out of the warmer!!!   

These are wonderful products.  I think your Mouse Hand Warmer invention is the best place to use the heated mouse and heated mouse pad.  What a great idea.  Did I tell you, I LOVE IT! 

Judy Quinn
Racine, Wisconsin
Fibromyalgia Patient & Arthritis Thumb Joint Surgery



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